Resuscitation Education and Simulation

Directing the resuscitation of a child is more than just being able to intubate or start an IV. The Pediatric Residency Program curriculum gives residents the opportunity to participate in actual and mock resuscitations in many settings, including the CHOP and HUP NI/ICUs, the PICU, and the ED.

Residents are active members of the hospital-wide Code Blue Team, and play important roles in these settings. Additionally, through participation in mock resuscitations in a variety of settings, residents have the opportunity to learn to lead in critical situations.

CHOP Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation

The Residency Program and many clinical teams partner with the CHOP Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation to present a comprehensive curriculum related to critical situations. In keeping with the Center’s philosophy, the vast majority of this education is done in situ where teams are actively engaged in providing care to patients.

The chief residents coordinate a curriculum of floor-based mock resuscitations where common inpatient critical scenarios are presented. These are conducted with pediatric resident teams while on inpatient rotations. Resident participation is tracked so that each resident is sure to participate in a variety of different resuscitation scenarios. Senior residents lead care provided by interdisciplinary teams.

Emergency Department, N/IICU, PICU

Senior residents lead interdisciplinary teams in mock resuscitation scenarios presented by faculty and fellows from the Division of Emergency Medicine and facilitators from the Simulation Center. Simulation-based scenarios are also presented on a regular basis by: