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Spring 2014

CHOP Adds Vice Presidents for Medical Staff Affairs and Quality

Patricia DeRusso, MD, MS, FAAP, has been named Vice President of Medical Staff Affairs at CHOP. In this role, DeRusso will provide executive leadership to the Medical Staff Affairs Department, including the functions of physician appointments and privileging process, credentialing, peer review, executive committees of the medical staff, medical education, the Department of Medical Ethics, and professional development services for medical staff. She will continue to lead the Healthy Weight Program, which she has directed since coming to CHOP in 2012.

Ron Keren, MD, MPH, has assumed the newly created role of Vice President of Quality and Chief Quality Officer. He will provide executive leadership to the analytics team and quality improvement activities throughout the CHOP enterprise. In addition to developing a strategic plan for quality improvement at CHOP, he will work with other Hospital and physician leaders to develop quality metrics for performance payment. For the past 6 years Keren has served as the director of the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness, a Center of Emphasis in the CHOP Research Institute.

Fathers More Lax in Following Child Car Safety Guidelines

A study from CHOP’s Center for Injury Prevention and Research has found that children under 9 years old were more likely to be unrestrained or sub-optimally restrained when driven by their fathers (35%) versus their mothers (26%). Children under age 13 years were also more likely to be seated in the front seat with their fathers (24%) versus mothers (14%), which was related to fathers being 5 times more likely to be driving a pickup truck. However, despite the apparent lack of best practice child passenger safety methods used by fathers, there was no difference found in crash-related injury risk for children between father and mother drivers.

CHOP researchers used Partners for Child Passenger Safety study data from crashes in 16 U.S. states involving child occupants under age 16 driven by a parent. The article was published in the December 9, 2013, issue of Injury Prevention.

To help parents learn child passenger safety recommendations and help them install child restraint seats properly, encourage them to attend a local car seat check. Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program sponsors local car seat checks in the greater Philadelphia area. Locations and times are available at

Keto Kitchen Brings Help to Families of Children with Treatment-resistant Epilepsy

For children with treatment-resistant epilepsy who use the ketogenic diet to reduce the number of seizures they experience, CHOP has a new resource: the Keto Kitchen.

It’s challenging to cook for the ketogenic diet, which consists of 90% fats, 3% carbs, and 7% protein, and requires precise measuring and steadfast adherence. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Hospital support, and a huge grassroots effort, a dedicated kitchen is now open at CHOP and ready to train family members in the art of ketogenic cooking.

“Patients can go from having 200 seizures a day to 1 per month. Or none at all. Only one-third of patients will have no response,” says Christina Bergqvist, MD, attending physician and director of CHOP’s Ketogenic Diet Program, one of the largest of its kind in the country.

New PCOS Clinic Attuned to Adolescents

At least 1 in 10 females of reproductive age meet criteria for the diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS); since many first develop symptoms in adolescence, the chances are strong that primary care physicians will see patients with PCOS. CHOP has created the Adolescent Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Clinic, which brings together pediatric clinicians from Endocrinology, Dermatology, and Nutrition and a reproductive endocrinologist, to provide comprehensive care to this population.

Under the leadership of Medical Director Rachana Shah, MD, the PCOS Clinic is attuned to the physiologic and psychological changes during adolescence and adjusts treatment and counseling accordingly. To refer a patient to CHOP’s PCOS Clinic, call the Division of Endocrinology at 215-590-3174 or email

CHOP Researcher to Lead New Network Studying Pediatric Patient-centered Outcomes

CHOP’s Christopher Forrest, MD, PhD, will serve as the principal investigator of a new pediatricspecific, multi-partner research network that received a $7 million grant from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to launch the project.

PEDSnet, a network of children’s hospitals, data partners and specialty networks, aims to boost the efficiency of clinical research. It combines a multi-institutional research network—including 8 of the nation’s largest children’s hospital systems—with 3 condition-specific networks and 2 national data partners.

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