Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND)

Individualized Training Plan (ITP)

At the beginning of the fellowship year, each fellow develops an Individualized Training Plan in conjunction with his or her discipline preceptor and their LEND Mentor. LEND Mentors include the LEND Director (Nathan Blum, M.D.), Associate Director (Judith Silver, Ph.D.) or, for LEND fellows on the Autism Track, the LEND Director of Autism Training (Judith Miller, Ph.D.). The ITP addresses LEND program goals and indicates how each fellow will complete fellowship requirements based on the range of options offered by the LEND curriculum. Each fellow’s ITP is reviewed and approved by the LEND Curriculum Committee. Over the course of the training year the fellow is expected to meet regularly with the LEND Mentor to discuss progress in achieving their goals. Progress is also reviewed and evaluated quarterly by the Curriculum Committee, with Progress Reports sent to the fellow, Discipline Director, and faculty Research Mentor.

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