Fellows' Association

The Fellows’ Association Steering Committee (FA) is a small committee of current fellows that provide peer-related support, networking and collaboration to all subspecialty trainees at CHOP. The FA is advised by Dr. Gail Slap, Associate Chair for Fellowship Training for the Department of Pediatrics, and supported by the Office of Fellowship Programs. On a monthly basis, the FA sponsors educational lunch-time seminars that cover topics common to fellows and instrumental in meeting some of the ACGME program curriculum requirements.

2013-2014 Educational Seminar Topics

2013-2014 Fellowship Association Steering Committee

Christine Ferrara, MD (FERRARAC@email.chop.edu)
Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow - FA Co-Chair

Elaine Ramsey, MD (RamsayE@email.chop.edu)
Pediatric Rheumatology Fellow - FA Co-chair

Diana Stanescu, MD (StanescuD@email.chop.edu)
Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow – FA Past-Chair

Monica S. Williams, BS (williamsms@email.chop.edu)
Manager, Office of Fellowship Programs & Fellows’ Resource Center – FA Admin Member

Gail B. Slap, MD (slapg@email.chop.edu)
FA Advisor, Associate Chair for Education in the Department of Pediatrics

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