Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fellowships do you offer at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)?

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers fellowship opportunities in most medical and surgical subspecialties.

Is the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia accredited by the Joint Commission and the ACGME?

Yes. The Hospital is Joint Commission-accredited and most of the fellowship programs are ACGME-accredited. Several of the newer fellowship programs represent a leading-edge in training and development of other respective fields. As a result, ACGME has not yet made accreditation available to the fields.

Do you have an office that supports the fellows?

Yes. We have an Office of Fellowship Programs that supports all fellows and fellowship programs in conjunction with the Hospital's Graduate Medical Education Committee.

What is the Fellows' Association's primary focus?

The Fellows' Association was created to provide peer related support to all fellows in all departments at the Hospital. The Fellows' Association is led by a Co-chair Committee of fellows representing all levels of training and is supported by the Hospital and academic departments. Events include lunch and dinner scholarly seminars twice monthly and social events quarterly.

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