Multicultural Physician's Alliance

Why become involved in the Multicultural Physician's Alliance?

Alison Culyba, MD

Alison Culyba“It is wonderful to have support from such a diverse group of colleagues as we help each other through the challenges of a career in medicine and also advocate for underserved populations.”

Alicia Erika Genisca, MD

Alicia Erika“I believe in increasing diversity in the medical field and the MPA will help me to reach this goal during residency.”

Stephanie Daniel, MD

Stephanie Daniel“Varying backgrounds and experiences provide different perspectives within medicine and in the real world. I feel supported from the members of this group and am looking forward to recruiting more minority physicians who will have the opportunity to feel the same way.”

Jessica Casas Reedy, MD

Jessica Casas Reedy“The MPA is a great way of meeting and interacting with other physicians who are also interested in helping to increase the number of multicultural/minority students in medicine.”

Marisol Betensky, MD

Marisol Betensky“Now, more than ever, it is essential to focus our efforts in recruiting minority physicians who not only understand the needs of these populations, but also have a commitment and passion to improve their health. I feel happy to be part of that effort.”

Nakiya Naomi Showell, MD

Nakiya Naomi Showell"Minority recruitment and retention, particularly within higher education, has always been a very special interest of mine. The Multicultural Physician's Alliance provides a forum by which I can act on these goals. The MPA also gives me the opportunity to network with other minority physicians, both at the resident, fellow and attending level, which is something I value greatly." 

Maya Jones, MD

maya"Minorities make up an extremely small percentage of the country's physicians and I would like to be active in recruiting young underrepresented minorities into the field of medicine. I would also like to help with minority recruitment at CHOP to create a more diverse residency program." 

Ignacio E. Tapia, MD

Ignacio Tapia"I believe that the Multicultural Physician's Alliance can make a difference in the way we approach families with multicultural backgrounds. It's also is a great way to get to know my peers." 

Jackie P-D Garrett, MD

Jackie Garrett"It's important to have well-trained minority physicians who can bring quality healthcare to underserved populations." 

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