Pediatric Residency Program

Opportunities to Learn

After acceptance for residency training, Children’s Hospital residents begin thinking about shaping their own career and exploring the learning opportunities available to them.

Develop your learning plan

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Each trainee completes a learning plan identifying strengths and weaknesses. It helps round out your areas of challenge and overcome barriers that might stand in the way of your professional development.

Training paths

While the goal of our program is to provide excellent training in General Pediatrics, we have developed training paths that let residents focus on their interests and career goals. Residents select a path over the course of the first year, and in year two and three, complete six Individual Educational Units (IEUs) that fit that path. The four paths are:


In addition to IEUs, each resident has several blocks of elective time that allow for even broader exploration of interests. Electives can be pre-existing or self-designed.

Resident training programs

At The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia we offer several programs as part of resident training.

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Pediatric Residency Program