Psychology Education and Training Program

Application Requirements

Application submission

The application must be submitted during the planning stages of the event. Marketing materials must be approved before any brochures or announcements are circulated regarding the event.

Requirements for application of continuing education credits (please note all forms are below)

  1. Once a need has been identified for offering continuing education credits, please complete an application and submit it along with all program brochures and activity schedules. Note: brochure and announcement with statements of offering APA credits can’t be distributed until after approval of your submitted application.
  2. Complete the yearly application and submit it to Janice Harper ( as soon as you decide to offer CE credits. Once your application has been approved, you can move forward with your program brochure/schedule.
  3. Each presenter must complete the Declaration of Disclosure and the form for current materials with references. If any presenter has financial disclosures information, it must be listed on any promotional materials, brochures etc.
  4. Needs Assessment Surveys are required for all lectures or workshops that are part of a series. For workshops or conferences that are only being conducted once, needs assessment is not required.
  5. All attendees are required to have information about how to deal with complaints as part of their brochure materials.
  6. APA requires all learning objectives to comply with their standards. A document detailing specific language is supplied below.

Required forms

Contact us

For questions regarding CE credits, please call Janice Harper at 215-590-9154 or email:

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