Psychology Education and Training Program

Program Structure and Requirements

Clinical tracks

There are five clinical training tracks within a single and coherent clinical child internship program, described below. The tracks allow greater in-depth training within a clinical year designed to provide breadth of training in clinical child psychology. The overall requirements and clinical competencies expected of each intern are the same regardless of the program track. In addition, all interns participate in a common set of didactics and the LEND Program. Most rotations are open to all interns, with some exceptions.

Structure and requirements of the Psychology Internship Program

Interns are required to select rotations that fulfill requirements in each of the three core areas in each half of the year. Interns select a year-long research leadership project through the LEND Program. In addition, interns participate in a planned series of didactic seminars, as well as clinical supervision and administrative responsibilities.

Core training areas and rotation options

Each semester, interns select an array of three to four rotations, including one rotation from each of our three core training areas.

Core rotations



Intervention and Prevention

Interns are involved in the following professional experiences throughout the training year and are expected to spend approximately four hours in each of these activities:

Internship Requirements

Completion of the internship requires a minimum of 1,900 hours of supervised clinical experience and participation in our program on a full-time basis for one full year beginning on the Monday closest to July 1. Although interns may reach the maximum hour requirement prior to the official ending date (on or near June 30), interns are expected to continue clinical responsibilities until that date. If illness or some other circumstance makes it impossible to meet the 1,900-hour minimum definition of the internship by the official ending date, special arrangements will be made to ensure satisfactory completion of the Internship Training Program.


During the internship year at CHOP, interns will not be allowed to participate in any other outside professional activities without first being granted permission. Interns are also not allowed to provide clinical services to the public outside of the purview of the internship. Non-funded supervised clinical service of a training nature will be considered. All other activities will be considered for approval on an individual basis.

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