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Oncology Update: Fall 2013

Review the Fall 2013 issue of the Oncology Update, featuring the latest in pediatric cancer research and treatments at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Paradigms in Developmental Therapeutics: New Therapeutic Approaches and a New Way of Thinking

In the past, early phase clinical trials of cytotoxic agents enrolled children with a variety of refractory or recurrent cancers. As new agents become more specific and target molecular characteristics of specific cancers, clinical trial enrollment may be restricted to children with relapsed cancers that harbor selected mutations.

Proton Therapy for Neuroblastoma: Case Study

A 3-year-old girl presents with difficulty sleeping, increased crying, and abdominal pain. She is the product of a normal full-term delivery and has no significant past medical history. Her parents note that she was healthy until approximately a month ago, when she began waking at night complaining of pain.

Building Better Care for a Unique Population: New Transition Model Among CHOP Efforts to Enhance Adolescent and Young Adult Services

Because of their increased risk for late effects, the ability of childhood survivors to transition to and remain engaged in adult healthcare is of utmost importance.

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