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Vaccine costs: recent articles and reader survey

On July 2, the New York Times published an article by Elisabeth Rosenthal titled “The Price of Prevention: Vaccine Costs are Soaring.” The article generated a fair amount of buzz. A few corrections were posted on July 8 and are currently viewable at the end of the story. In addition, a few letters to the editor were published on July 13 under the title, “Vaccines May Be Costly, but They Save Lives.” The letters were written by Luis Jodar, Vice President, Vaccines for Pfizer and John J. Castellani, Chief Executive for the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America.

A few other outlets picked up the story:

You tell us

This article garnered so much attention because of its complexity and importance, but many of you are on the front lines experiencing this firsthand. So, tell us how vaccine costs affect your practice by taking this brief survey. Results will be grouped and shared in next month’s Vaccine Update.

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