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Dr. Offit appears on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Samantha Bee recently did a feature about people who choose not to vaccinate, and Dr. Offit was featured as the expert. If you have not had an opportunity to see it, we provide a link to this and other interviews with Dr. Offit on our website.

New online sheet about tetanus

The next sheet in our “Special Topics” online series has been published. The new sheet about tetanus focuses on how the disease is spread, the symptoms and treatment, and vaccination recommendations including the special recommendation for pregnant women regarding Tdap.

New Medscape video about measles

Medscape recently posted a video: “Measles outbreaks in the US: Why now?” In the video, Dr. Offit discusses recent cases of measles in the U.S. To view this or other videos in the “Offit on Vaccines” series on Medscape, visit the Medscape playlist.

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