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New online Q&A sheets

The “Special Topics” Online Series has two new Q&A sheets posted online:

Also, please note that the HIV sheet has been updated to include information about PrEP therapy, a newer form of HIV prevention that has emerged as a promising therapy when patients at high risk of getting infected with HIV stay on a daily pill treatment regimen.

Revised Q&A sheets

Two existing Q&A sheets have recently been updated:

Meningococcus: What You Should Know — now includes information about serogroup B vaccines employed in the recent college outbreaks.

Aluminum: What You Should Know — includes expanded descriptions of both the bioprocessing and accumulation of aluminum in the body.

A mailing including sample English sheets will be completed in several weeks. If you do not currently receive our mailings, but wish to be included, please email us at with your complete and accurate mailing address.

Webinar archive

The March 19 webinar archive is now available for viewing. You can also get continuing education credits by following the directions at the end of the recorded event. Topics included:

All questions asked during the webinar, even those not read aloud, have been compiled with answers.

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