Adolescent Initiative

Resources for Teens

National resources

Sexual health resources for teens

For sexual health information by teens, for teens with videos, Q&A, chat, and a great selection of articles on a variety of topics, visit

For up-to-date sexual health and reproductive information, visit Planned Parenthood's Web site at

For answers to your questions about sexual health, visit, a site designed to allow teens to voice their concerns and get real answers the staff at Columbia University.

For sex-positive information for teens about sexual health, HIV and STDs and tons of articles, visit

For articles on sexual health divided by topic and gender, visit

For information on sexual health for teens and real life stories compiled by MTV, visit

For information on how to make responsible, informed decisions about reproductive and sexual health for teens, visit

LGBTQ resources

For information for lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens visit The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth at and for transgender teens.

For resources for LGBTQ teens who need support or are contemplating suicide, contact The Trevor Project for Gay Lesbian Bisexual Trans and Questioning Teens at

Rape, violence and abuse resources

To report sexual assault confidentially, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE.

For information on rape, incest and abuse statistics, programs, testimonials, laws, and reporting visit

For information on male sexual victimization visit

For information about sexual violence for teens visit

Find a counselor

To find a certified counselor in your area, visit http://

Other national resources

Emergency Contraception

For information on emergency contraction and where to find it, visit

Self Injury

For resources for youth who cut, visit


For information on the dangers of smoking and how to quit, contact the Office on Smoking and Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by calling 404-488-5708 or go to

You can also contact The American Lung Association for information about smoking by calling 212-315-8700.


For information on how to maintain a healthy diet, contact the American Dietetic Association at 312-899-0040 or visit

Local resources

HIV information

For information on HIV treatment, referrals and educational programs, contact the AIDS Library at 215-985-4851 or go to

HIV testing

For free, confidential HIV counseling and testing, call 1-800-985-2437 and you will be referred to a location that is convenient for you.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia also offers free, confidential HIV testing. Call 215-590-1156 to schedule an appointment.

The Attic Youth Center provides HIV counseling and testing, as well as recreational programming and peer education services. Call 215-545-4331 or visit for more information.

STD testing and pregnancy testing

For information about how you can be tested for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, call the CHOICE hotline at 1-800-84-TEENS or 215-985-3300.

Sexual health resources

For information on sexual health issues, sex, relationships, counseling or referrals contact:

CHOICE at 1-800-84-TEENS or 215-985-3300 or go to

Family Planning Council at 215-985-2500 or go to

LGBTQ resources

For LGBTQ information, healthcare, resources, testing and referrals, contact:

CHOICE Hotline at 1-800-84-TEENS or 215-985-3300 or go to

The Mazzoni Center at 215-563-0652 or go to

Other local resources

Covenant House

Provides housing, HIV and STD counseling and testing, family planning services and medical care for youth ages 18-21. Located at 417 Callowhill St. Call them at 215-923-8350 or the NINELINE Hotline at 1-800-999-9999 or go to

Health Centers

For information about adolescent health services provided by the Philadelphia Department of Health, call the CHOICE hotline, 215-985-3300.

Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia helps young people reach their full potential in fitness and athletic performance. To learn more about its services or to schedule an appointment, call 215-590-6919 ( Main Hospital location) or 610-337-3232 (Specialty Care Center in King of Prussia).

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