Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent Medicine Services
at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

The Craig-Dalsimer Division of Adolescent Medicine provides high-quality, comprehensive, acute and preventive care to young people ages 12 to 21.

We educate and empower youth to take ownership of their healthcare and life decisions. We support their growth and development while respecting their individuality. Our community outreach efforts seek to break down barriers to healthcare access and allow us to reach youth in nontraditional settings.

Our division promotes an environment that recognizes adolescents' need for confidentiality and trust, while also including collaboration with family members and significant others. Teens learn to practice self-advocacy to prepare them for successful transition to adult healthcare.

Our services include:

Adolescent specialty care

Outpatient consultation

The physicians in the Division of Adolescent Medicine are available Monday through Friday to provide outpatient consultation to patients, primary care physicians, specialists and other healthcare providers on adolescent medical issues.

Issues often addressed in outpatient consultation include:

Inpatient consultation

The physicians in the Division of Adolescent Medicine are now available for inpatient consultations at CHOP for all issues related to adolescent health.

Issues often addressed in consultation include:

We are happy to facilitate appointments in our Outpatient Adolescent Specialty Practice at 3550 Market St., 5th floor, once the patient is discharged from CHOP.

Adolescent preventive and primary care

Just because a child has become a teenager does not mean he or she needs medical care any less frequently than when he or she was younger. At the Karabots pediatric Care Center, West Philadelphia, we focus on the total health of our patients. Our services include:

Social and emotional issues

In addition to helping teens with medical concerns, healthcare providers spend part of each visit discussing social and emotional issues that may affect the patient's well-being.

Topics often discussed at visits are:

Adolescent gynecology  

There is a gynecologist who also see patients at the Karabots pediatric Care Center. Types of problems typically referred to our gynecologist are:

There are appointments set aside every day so patients may be seen urgently if they become ill or have an emergent problem. Nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors are available throughout the day to answer questions relating to patient care.

Family planning

Family planning services at the Karabots pediatric Care Center may be provided to our female preventive care patients, specialty care patients, and those teens who simply seek out these services. Family planning services are provided confidentially and at little or no cost the patient.

Family planning for adolescents

Family planning services available to adolescents include:

Additional services offered include:

Abstinence is encouraged, as is use of protection to prevent sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy if and when one does decide to have sex. Discussions often include:

Family planning services are provided Monday through Friday. Urgent appointments are available for patients who are ill or have emergent problems. Nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors are available throughout the day to answer questions.

Outreach and Prevention Education

Adolescents who are at -risk for or who are infected with HIV can find expert care and support though the Adolescent Initiative.

Since 1993, the Adolescent Initiative at Children’s Hospital has been a leader in the evaluation, prevention and care of adolescents living with HIV and prevention to high-risk youth. The clinic provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary primary and HIV specialty care.

A team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, peers and mental-health professionals creates a seamless continuum of service. To learn more about the program's education, outreach, clinical care and research, see the Adolescent Initiative

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To review office hours and locations, see appointments or call 215-590-3537. 

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