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Famous People with Asthma

Having asthma should not stop you from reaching your full potential. There are famous people in every field with asthma including four different United States presidents, rock stars, Academy Award winners, Olympic medallists, hall of fame baseball players and Nobel Prize winners.

Leaders in science and politics The Arts Athletes
Beruj Benacerraf
Immunologist, Nobel Prize winner
Jason Alexander
Actor, director, singer, dancer
Jerome "The Bus" Bettis
NFL Pro Bowl running back
Bill Clinton (has severe allergies)
42nd president of the United States
Stephen (Steve) Allen
Comedian, musician, TV personality
Bruce Davidson
Olympic athlete - Equestrian
Calvin Coolidge
30th president of the United States
Ludwig von Beethoven
German composer
Tom Dolan
Olympic swimmer - gold medal
Elias James Corey
Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry
Leonard Bernstein
Composer, conductor and pianist
Kurt Grote
Olympic swimmer - gold medal
Ernesto (Che) Guevara
Argentine freedom fighter and hero
Judy Collins
Singer, pianist, author
Nancy Hogshead
Olympic swimmer - gold medal
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Physician, inventor, artist, teacher
Alice Cooper
Rock musician, performer
Juwan Howard
NBA - Denver Nuggets
Rev. Jesse Jackson
African American Political Leader
Sesame Street Muppet
Jim (Catfish) Hunter
Baseball Hall of Famer
John Paul Jones
American Revolutionary War hero, father of the US Navy
Jonathon Davis
Singer (Korn)
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Olympic track and field medalist
John F. Kennedy
35th president of the United States
Charles Dickens
British novelist
Bill Koch
Olympic skiing medalist
John Locke
British physician, philosopher
Singer (Rap)
Greg Louganis
Olympic diving medalist
Walter F. Mondale
42nd vice president of the United States
Morgan Fairchild
Debbie Meyer
Olympic swimming medalist
Peter the Great (1672—1725)
Russian czar
Kenny G
Saxophonist, composer
Art Monk
Hall of Fame football player
Marcel Proust
19th Century philosopher and writer
Bob Hope
American comedian and film actor
George Murray
Wheelchair marathon champion
Theodore Roosevelt
26th president of the United States
Billy Joel
Rock musician, performer
Rob Muzzio
Olympic athlete - Decathlon
William Tecumseh Sherman
Civil War Union general
Ricki Lake
Talk show host
Dennis Rodman
Basketball player
Barbara Smith
Writer, critic, publisher, activist
Liza Minnelli
Actress, singer
Emmitt Smith
NFL Pro Bowll running back
Martin Van Buren
8th president of the U.S.A
Joseph Pulitzer
American publisher and philanthropist
Karin Smith
Olympic javelin specialist
Daniel Webster
United States statesman and lawyer
Christopher Reeve
Actor (Superman)
Amy Van Dyken
Olympic swimming medalist
King William III (1650—1702)
King of England, Scotland
Martin Scorsese
Film director
Bonnie Warner
Olympic luge specialist
Woodrow Wilson
28th president of the United States
Paul Sorvino
Actor, tenor
Dominique Wilkins
Basketball player
  Sharon Stone
Kristi Yamaguchi
Olympic figure skating medalist
  Elizabeth Taylor
Theresa Zabell
Olympic athlete - Yachting
  Dylan Thomas
Welsh poet, playwright
Alex Zulle
Olympic athlete - Cycling
  John Updike
American writer
  Antonio Vivaldi
Italian musician and priest
  Orson Welles
Actor and director
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