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Preparing for Your Child's Visit: What to Expect

Prepare for a thorough evaluation

Your child's first visit will include time for a history and physical examination, selected tests and procedures (e.g., allergy skin tests or breathing tests in our office), discussion of your child's diagnosis, an outline of the treatment strategy and some educational materials. Learn more about preparing for new patient appointments.

You may bring some of your child's favorite toys and books. If you can, please stop your child's antihistamines (allergy or cold medicines) three days (72 hours) prior to your child's visit. Review our list of antihistamines to avoid using before your child comes in for allergy testing.

Remember, we may need to plan a second visit to complete your child's evaluation and our educational plan for care.

Preparing your child

Explain the reason for the visit, using words your child can understand, and answer her questions simply and honestly. Let your child know that you'll be with him throughout the entire appointment.

The following tips should help you talk to your children, regardless of their age:

If you would like advice on preparing your child, a list of helpful books or to meet with someone who can help you discuss the visit with your child, please call the Hospital's Child Life and Education Department at 215-590-2001.

You also can find more information about preparing your child in The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Outpatient Handbook

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Reviewed by: Paulette Taylor, RN, CPN, AE-C
Date: October 2008

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