Allergy Clinical Services

Follow-up Visits

Prepare for a thorough evaluation!

Your child's follow up visit will include time for a history and physical examination. Depending on what was done on the initial visit, the follow up visit may include selected tests and procedures (e.g., allergy skin tests or breathing tests in our office), discussion of your child's diagnosis, an outline of the treatment strategy and some educational materials.

If you are anticipating allergy skin testing, please refrain from giving your child any antihistamines for 72 hours. Please refer to our antihistamine avoidance list for more information.

Be prepared to update any information, such as your address, primary care provider and insurance information. If you have HMO insurance, remember to bring your referral. Your referral should be specific for what that visit will involve, such as skin testing, spirometry, allergy extract and injection.

Reviewed by: Allergy Section
Date: April 2004

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