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Ten Tips for Easy Outpatient Visits

  1. Make sure you know the name of the doctor and the location of the office before you leave the house. Ask anyone with a Children's Hospital identification card for help once you arrive at the Hospital. Having the name of your child's doctor and the office location will help us help you.
  2. Write down a list of questions. If your child is old enough, help your child add questions to that list too.
  3. Bring toys, books or schoolwork to occupy your child. There will be times when you have to wait.
  4. Bring another adult, not only to keep you company but to help with your child, especially if you're bringing your child's siblings along too.
  5. Bring snacks and extra diapers. Snacks also are sold at the gift shop and in vending machines and diapers are available in vending machines in the main public restrooms. If your child is on formula, bring some formula along.
  6. Bring information about your child's medical history:
    • Physician's name and phone number
    • Medications that your child will need that day, as well as a list of medications your child uses. Bring medication instructions, dosages, etc., written down so you have them handy.
    • Names and phone numbers of emergency contact person, for the record
    • List of your child's allergies
    • Names and addresses of any physicians who should receive a follow-up letter from the doctor your child is seeing
    • Insurance information and referral forms
  7. Remember where you parked — write it down! And don't forget we offer a special discount to families parking in the Wood Center or Main Building garages. The discount is available as you finish your visit with the doctor.
  8. Take advantage of what the Hospital offers — the Connelly Center, the gift shop, the art throughout the Hospital, the volunteers who read to children and entertain them and the many healthcare professionals who know how to help children and families. All of it is meant to serve you and your family.
  9. Know what the plan is before you leave the office. Will there be another appointment and when? Who do you call if you have questions once you get home? How will information get to your referring physician, another medical specialist, your insurer?
  10. Plan that the visit will take longer than you thought. Especially when it is a "first-time" visit — you'll need to get to know us and we'll need to get to know you. Children's Hospital is a big place, too, and you will have to go to several different parts of the Hospital during your visit. Take the time you need to get around the Hospital, get to what's available at the Hospital and get finished with a busy day.

Reviewed by: Allergy Section
Date: April 2004

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