Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Curriculum

The Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship is normally completed in three years following residency training in pediatrics. The fellowship program seeks to develop outstanding clinicians, educators, researchers and leaders in pediatric critical care medicine. Curricula may vary based on fellow circumstances, American Board of Pediatrics approval, or other needs.

Applicants who are interested in combining training in pediatric critical care with other pediatric subspecialties or with other residency programs should talk with the program director as early as possible in the application process to clarify the application timeline and criteria for such training.

Critical Care Medicine Fellowship (three years)

Year one

Year two

Year three

Combined Anesthesia/Critical Care Medicine

Applicants who are interested in pursuing board certification in both anesthesiology and pediatric critical care should talk with the program directors directly about the appropriate sequence of such education.

Please contact Dr. Alan Schwartz at 215-590-6049 regarding pediatric anesthesiology, and Dr. Wynne Morrison at 215-590-7430 regarding pediatric critical care.

Combinations with other pediatric subspecialties

Previous fellows have pursued critical care training in conjunction with training in emergency medicine, cardiology, neurology and infectious diseases, via either combined or sequential fellowships.

Currently, the American Board of Pediatrics allows a second (sequential) pediatric fellowship to be completed in two years rather than three if the fellowship research requirement is satisfied by the first fellowship. We will consider adapting the critical care fellowship curriculum to fulfill this option in some circumstances, and completion of a shortened fellowship is always dependent on meeting competency in all areas of fellowship training.

Applications for a separate, second fellowship are considered through the usual ERAS/NRMP process. Please feel free to contact the program director to discuss.

Other offerings

Clinical Research Certificate Program

The University of Pennsylvania's Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB) offers a Clinical Research Certificate Program designed to teach clinical research methods at a level appropriate for clinician-educators and collaborative researchers. The program is open to School of Medicine faculty, residents and fellows.

Departmental funding for participation in the program is considered for Critical Care fellows who show a unique interest and aptitude for a career in clinical research.

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