Autism Integrated Care Program

Your Child's Evaluation

The type of developmental evaluation your child will receive depends on your child's chronological and developmental age. Our team will use the information you supplied before your child's visit to determine this.

On the day of your child's visit, here's what to expect:

The team

You will meet your child's evaluation team, which will include a developmental pediatrician, a nurse practitioner and a social worker. A speech and language pathologist and an occupational therapist may also be members of your child's evaluation team.

The evaluation

Our team will evaluate your child. We may do this in one in one or two visits depending on the visit type, but each evaluation includes:

We may also administer other Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) specific testing tools such as the:

Evaluation results

After we have reviewed your child's developmental history and testing results, a member of our team will discuss the results with you. At the end of your child's session, we will give you a list of recommendations appropriate for your child's development and discuss your child's behavioral needs. We will also provide a packet of information to help you set up appropriate services for your child.

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