Autism Integrated Care Program

Waiting for an Autism Evaluation

Here are some important things to do while waiting for your child's autism evaluation:

Talk with your pediatrician about whether a hearing test, vision screen or check of lead levels should be done. These are important things to check when a child is showing developmental concerns.

Follow up on recommendations made by the intake coordinator. Our intake coordinator may tell you about community resources, programs or providers that can help address specific areas of need, regardless of your child’s ultimate diagnosis. Get started on these while you pursue a more thorough clinical evaluation.

Contact your local Early Intervention agency or school district to have your child evaluated for free school services. While these resources may not provide a diagnosis, you will receive an assessment of your child’s individual strengths and areas of need. If your child is eligible, the local education agency or school district can begin providing intervention while you are waiting for your clinical evaluation. This can help your child now, and will allow us to assess your child’s response to intervention during our evaluation.

In addition to our clinical services, CHOP is internationally recognized as a leading research center for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many of our active projects involve an assessment of your child’s cognitive abilities and daily functioning, and an in-depth examination of characteristics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Oral and written feedback are provided to research participants. The assessment is tailored to the research study, but may help get you started while you pursue a clinical evaluation. Learn about current studies at the Center for Autism Research at CHOP.

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