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Breastfeeding Babies With Special Needs

As the mother of a baby with special needs, you know your baby is going to require a lot of extra help and attention — especially in the first year of her life. One way you can directly help your baby is by breastfeeding or pumping your milk.

The milk your body produces can protect your sick baby from getting serious breastfeeding babies special needsinfections. Your milk is more than just food for your baby. It is like an immunization that protects your baby from illness. Your milk is designed for your baby. When you visit your baby in the hospital, your body starts to develop protection against germs in the hospital. When your baby gets your milk, your baby will automatically be protected from these germs.

Nothing can protect your baby’s gut like your milk can. Formula does not have live cells, immune factors and hormones to protect your baby’s fragile health. You can produce "custom" milk that is just right for your baby.

Thank you for helping us to give your baby the best start in life.

Special babies, special needs

The links below detail how breastfeeding can give your child with special needs the extra nutrients to thrive.

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