Breastfeeding and Lactation

Diet for Breastfeeding Mothers

Many breastfeeding mothers wonder if the foods they eat will affect their breast milk.

Perhaps you’ve wondered if it is necessary to avoid certain foods to prevent digestive problems or allergies in your baby. Or maybe you wonder if you need to eat special foods to make the right amount of milk or the best quality milk for your baby.

The good news is that your milk will probably be just right for your baby regardless of what you eat. Your body knows exactly what nutrition your baby needs at every stage of development.

Use the following tips to help plan your diet.

What to eat

How much to eat

Alcohol and caffeine

Sharing with baby through milk

Allergies in baby

To learn more about food planning during breastfeeding, see Choose My Plate by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Reviewed by: Diane L. Spatz, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN
Date: August 2012

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