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Better Understanding Heart Valve Disease in Search of Improved Treatment

Robert J. Levy, MD, the William J. Rashkind Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiology, focuses his research on many aspects of heart valve disease, from the use of nanotechnology to searching for drugs that could ameliorate the disease, currently treatable only through surgery. Levy received considerable attention earlier this year when his team announced it had created stents coated with adenoviruses to deliver gene therapy that improved the stents’ ability to keep blood vessels open.

His ongoing research promises similarly important advances. One area, supported by a generous five-year grant from Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kibel, is exploring how heart valve disease progresses through comparisons of biochemical risk factors associated with calcification. Preventing calcium deposits could both delay disease progression and improve artificial heart valves currently used to replace diseased valves. Research over the past year identified novel biomarkers, and currently Levy is investigating how these biomarkers contribute to the progression of valve calcification.

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