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Heart Awareness Toolkit

Each year approximately 1 million babies are born with heart defects worldwide. Children born and living with heart defects are an incredible example of the power of great medical care and great research. We want the public to be more aware of their journeys — and how we can all help improve the lives of these children.

Here are some ways you can get involved:


Share your story with elected officials and the public to create change.

Advocacy can improve the lives of children with heart defects by:

Learn more about how to advocate on behalf of children with heart defects»

Tell your story

Send a press release to your local newspaper, TV or radio station.

A press release with details of your child’s experience can help get your local newspaper, radio or TV station interested in your story. News stories go a long way in raising awareness about congenital heart defects.

Use this document to customize your own press release»

Join the cause, persuade others

Customize or write your own “op-ed” for your newspaper.

Opinion pieces (“op-eds”) in newspapers reach many people and are a great way to raise awareness. Newspapers often publish opinion pieces (“op-eds”) by people in their community who are passionate about a cause. You can write about how a congenital heart defect affected your family.

Download the entire Heart Awareness Toolkit»

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