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Thanks to advances in medical and surgical care, children with congenital heart defects are surviving into adulthood — and thriving. More than 1 million adults in the U.S. live with congenital heart defects, chronic conditions that put patients at risk over time.

Expert care for life

From the Cardiac Center's Fetal Heart Program to its renowned pediatric services to the Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is able to provide a complete spectrum of care for congenital heart disease — from before birth through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Our commitment to our patients lasts a lifetime.

About the Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center

The Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center unites the breadth of resources from two premier institutions, CHOP and the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

Adult-centered care

Even as patients are living longer, most primary care physicians and adult cardiologists lack the appropriate training to provide care for the range of complex conditions seen in congenital heart disease patients.

The diagnosis is not limited to childhood — at least 10 percent of all congenital heart defects are first found in adults. The condition is different in adults than it is in children, and our Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center’s doctors have unique expertise in both providing adult-centered care and ensuring a smooth transition in surveillance and treatment from child-focused care into adulthood.

The transition to adult care is vital in congenital heart disease because patients’ cardiac problems differ from those that other adults develop as they age.

Our Center also provides services to meet the particular needs of adult patients, such as genetic counseling, exercise recommendations, and guidance on reproductive medicine, psychosocial health, and employment and insurance issues.

Our services

The Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center treats all types of congenital heart conditions in adults, including those complicated by heart rhythm problems, heart failure, pregnancy and pacemakers. We also provide advanced imaging with cardiac MRI, cardiac surgery, catheter therapy, genetic assessment and second opinions.

Advancing treatment and research

Advancing treatment for adults with congenital heart disease is an essential part of our program, and patients are living longer thanks in part to the research and care innovations from our two institutions. The Penn Heart and Vascular Center and the Cardiac Center at Children’s Hospital have active programs in both basic and clinical research to find the causes and effects of heart defects, and to develop new treatments. Our patients benefit from the latest discoveries about their conditions.


To schedule an appointment or refer a patient to the Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center, please call 215-615-3388.

To learn more, please visit the Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center website at

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