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Celiac Disease: By the Numbers

Sometimes it's hard to understand how many people are affected by celiac disease and the costs involved. Here are some fast facts about the scope of the disease. 

1 in 133
Americans who have celiac disease
90 percent or more
Percentage of people with celiac disease who are either misdiagnosed or undiagnosed with other conditions
11 years
The average number of years a person with celiac disease suffers symptoms before being correctly diagnosed
The year the U.S. Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection went into effect. For the first time, people with celiac disease were able to read a food label and determine in a few easy steps if a product was safe to eat.
5-10 percent
The percentage of children with a family history of celiac disease who will develop the disease themselves
$4.5 billion
Dollars of annual sales from gluten-free products worldwide; more than double sales from 2005
Up to 22 percent
Percent of patients with celiac disease who have an immediate family member who also has the disease
3 million
People of all races, ages and genders who have celiac disease in the United States
Pharmaceutical cures currently available for celiac disease

Reviewed by: Center for Celiac Disease team
Date: February 2013

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