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Advice From Patients With Celiac Disease

Was your child recently diagnosed with celiac disease? You are not alone. At the Center for Celiac Disease at CHOP, we have a core team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists available to guide your child's care and answer any questions you have.

One thing we've learned is that sometimes children need answers and input from people other than the medical team or their parents. Sometimes they just want to hear from their peers — other kids dealing with the same everyday challenges that accompany celiac disease and living a gluten-free life.

Children and teens speak out

To help you and your child learn from other children and teens, we've created this section of quotes and pictures of patients at CHOP. They've agreed to share their insights to help others.

Use the links below to learn more.

How do you explain celiac disease to your friends who ask about it?

See Explaining Celiac Disease.

What advice would you give to other children or teens recently diagnosed with celiac disease?

See Tips for Celiac Newbies.

How do you handle being gluten-free at social functions that involve food like birthday parties and holiday dinners?

See Being Social and Gluten-Free.

As a teen, what’s the hardest thing about being gluten-free?

See Teens and Growing Up.

Are others interested in trying out gluten-free diet and ask you questions about it?

See Gluten-Free Diet

Are there any special precautions or rules you need to follow at school or with other kids when you are gluten-free?

See Special Precautions

Add your voice

Do you want to get involved and share what you've learned about celiac disease? If so, email us with your quote, digital photo and contact information. We'll try to include you as we update and add to this section of the celiac website.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with the Center for Celiac Disease at CHOP, please call 215-590-3076.

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Date: February 2013

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