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Explaining Celiac Disease

CHOP patients detail how they respond to questions about celiac disease

Joan“I usually say that it’s an allergy — even though it’s not — to wheat and flour. It’s just easier for everyone to understand than an autoimmune disorder that makes my body unable to process gluten.”

 Joan, 14


Taylor“I say I’m allergic to bread and flour, that I can’t eat it. Most people seem to get it.”

 Taylor, 13


Pierson“Basically I just say I’m allergic to gluten  stuff like wheat, rye and barley.”

 Pierson, 16


Sydney“You can’t eat wheat. You can’t eat things with flour. Mommy and daddy help me pick the right foods so I don’t get sick.”

 Sydney, 5


Helen“Usually I say it’s an allergy  even though it’s not. I don’t have the fibers in my stomach to filter out what gluten is.”

 Helen, 16


allison“I tell them I can’t eat wheat and oats, but I can eat gluten-free stuff. Like for parties, I take a gluten-free cupcake with me. I like the vanilla icing too.”

 Allison, 8


Reviewed by: Center for Celiac Disease
Date: February 2013

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