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Being Social and Gluten-Free

CHOP patients with celiac disease describe how they handle being gluten-free at social functions that involve food

Taylor“I pack my own food more and if they offer me food, I just say ‘no thanks’. A lot of times people want to eat my snacks. It’s kinda funny.”

— Taylor, 13


allison“For parties, I bring a gluten-free cupcake. For Thanksgiving, we make sure the turkey or whatever meat there is will be gluten-free. Mom and dad and me bring a gluten-free pie or something else gluten-free so we know I can eat something.”

— Allison, 8


Pierson“I usually contact the person who’s having the event and see what they are making and if there is a way to make any adjustments so I could have it. If they have nothing or can’t change it, I’ll just bring some gluten-free food with me.”

— Pierson, 16


Sydney“I eat gluten-free cookies. They’re yummy!”

— Sydney, 5


Joan“Usually if there’s cake or something, I’ll stay away from that. But I can have the fruit or some little stuff or I’ll pack something to go with me like a gluten-free variation of whatever is being served. For family holidays, we’ll talk to our relatives and see what they’re planning on making and bring something — a dessert or appetizer or side — that I know I can eat when I’m there.”

— Joan, 14


Helen“Usually I just don’t eat. Sometimes I’ll bring food with me or I’ll eat before I go out. But if it’s at my friends’ house, they’ll know I’m gluten-free and make sure there’s something I can eat.”

— Helen, 16


Reviewed by: Center for Celiac Disease
Date: February 2013

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