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Support group meeting

Celiac Disease — Why don't I feel good even though I am on a gluten-free diet?

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Noon-2 p.m.
CHOP Voorhees Specialty Care Center

Food and beverages will be provided. Please feel free to bring a dish and recipe to share.

Picnic outside, weather permitting

8th Annual Celiac Disease Education Day at CHOP

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual celiac education day in March.

This day could not have been possible without the support of our vendors and donors: Tonya's Gluten Free, Goldbaum's, Sweet Megan, Season's Pizza, Shop Rite, Whole Foods Market, Gluten Free Labels, NJY Camps, Caesar's, Taffet's Bakery, Basic Batters, The Happy Mixer, Bookbinder's, Schar, Wildflour Bakery, Jima Creations, Sweet Note Bagels, Home Free Treats, Full Flavor Foods, MomPops and Kelly Bracelets, Glutino, Taste Guru, Gillian's, Sevierly Good Gluten Free, Boar's Head, Rudi's Bakery, Chobani, Snyders, Food Should Taste Good, Wegman's, Soy Joy, Home Free, Katz, Barilla, Skinny Pop, El's Gluten Free Snacks, Mary's Gone Crackers, Holy Crap, Jovial Foods, Kinnikinnick, Pamela's Products

Reviewed by: Center for Celiac Disease team
May 2014

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