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Center for Childhood Communication

The Center for Childhood Communication addresses communication problems in children from birth to age 21.

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CHOPPER Palm Dysfluency Software

Click here to download the software.

How to use the software

Frequency mode

As the person begins to speak, tap on the appropriate box. For example, for every fluent syllable simply tap the Fluent box one time and for every block, tap the Block box. Then tap in the corresponding box for each syllable. When the individual is not speaking, hold down the Pause box to pause the timer. Once you have collected an adequate sample, hit the Enable box again to stop the calculation. To keep track of the sample size, a Syllable Count is tabulated throughout the calculation process.

After you stop the calculation process, hit the Results box to display the results. There you will see the rate of speech listed as Rate. This was calculated by dividing the time by the number of syllables counted. You will also see a breakdown for each type of dysfluency listed by count number and by percentage of overall dysfluency.

Duration mode

You then hold down the dysfluency box at the start of each dysfluent syllable. You release the box when the individual stop stuttering. This will automatically calculate the Average Duration as well as list 10 individual dysfluencies.

Behavior mode

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