Center for Pediatric Eosinophilic Disorders

Center for Pediatric Eosinophilic Disorders

The Center for Pediatric Eosinophilic Disorders treats children with eosinophilic esophagitis (e-o-sin-o-fil-ik e-saw-fa-gi-tis), referred to as EoE, and other eosinophilic disorders, such as eosinophilic gastroenteritis.

Leading center for a relatively new disorder

EoE was unknown 30 years ago but, today, diagnoses of this disorder are increasing rapidly.

Currently we treat 1,500 infants, children and teenagers with EoE — the largest clinical population in the world. Our patients come from all over the world.

Coordinated care from a team of specialties

The team of specialists who will diagnosis, treat and manage your child's care come from four disciplines — gastroenterology, allergy, nutrition and pathology.

Our Center coordinator is your personal liaison with the team and will help you by:

Looking for answers through research

Our large clinical population provides an extensive source of data for research. Currently, we are expanding our investigations and are looking for answers to these questions:

For more information

If you would like more information about eosinophilic disorders or would like to arrange a consult, please contact Michele Shuker, our clinic coordinator, at 267-426-7003 or by email.

Reviewed by: Pediatric Eosinophilic Disorders team
Updated: October 2012

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Call Michele Shuker for more information or to arrange a consult

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