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Kids Health Galaxy is the Hospital's award-winning Web site for school-age children ( Illness and hospitalization are stressful events for children and families, and finding the words to answer kids' questions can be difficult. Kids Health Galaxy is here to help.

The animated site, which contains original content and design, provides interactive, engaging and educational information for children ages 6 to12 to help them understand and cope with hospitalization.

What you'll find at Kids Health Galaxy:

Prepared kids cope better

Research shows that education and preparation help children and their families better cope with a potentially stressful healthcare experience. Kids Health Galaxy tries to alleviate stress by giving children the information they need, and making it fun, age-appropriate and accessible.

Health information approved by staff

All medical information on the site is reviewed and approved by our medical staff, and is re-reviewed on a regular basis. You can find the most recent review date on the bottom of each screen, on the left-hand side.

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