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The Hospital School Program

School is an important part of every child's life. By participating in the Hospital School Program, school-age children can continue to achieve academic goals and interact with peers. Certified teachers collaborate with the student's classroom and/or homebound teacher and other healthcare professionals involved with the patient's care to provide appropriate educational services. Educational sessions are provided in a group setting or at bedside, as medically appropriate.

Goals of the Hospital School Program

The Hospital School Program strives to help children develop and maintain academic skills. Participating in the familiar and "normal" activities of school helps children cope by reducing the stress of hospitalization. In addition, by supporting parents in navigating the educational system and accessing appropriate services for their child, hospital teachers help to make the transition from hospital back to school as smooth as possible.

Attending school in the hospital

The Hospital School Program is available to children who meet the following criteria:

Educational services

In addition to providing instruction during an inpatient stay, hospital schoolteachers also assist families in the following areas:

How parents can help

Parents are instrumental in the success of their child's involvement in the Hospital School Program. Parents can help by:

For more information

To contact the Hospital School Program at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, call 215-590-7970 or e-mail

Funding for The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's School Program is provided by the School District of Philadelphia.

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