Children’s Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease Center

About the Children’s Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease Center

The Children’s Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease (ChILD) Center is one of several specialized centers within the Division of Pulmonary Medicine at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our program brings together pediatric specialists from across the Hospital in order to provide the most comprehensive care for children with interstitial and diffuse lung disease (chILD or ILD), a rare assortment of disorders that can be life threatening and often slow to develop and show symptoms.

Our aim

Though uncommon, these disorders can significantly impair daily activities and quality of life. The ChILD Center at CHOP is being developed in parallel with several others around the nation and in collaboration with the ChILD Foundation, as too little information is known about this group of respiratory disorders.

Each step in the diagnosis and treatment of this complex group of disorders is individualized based on the underlying problems and each patient’s unique condition. The ultimate goal for treatment of all interstitial lung diseases is to improve outcomes by establishing and maintaining effective gas exchange.

Our program is committed to:

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If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation with the ChILD Center, please contact the Division of Pulmonary Medicine at 215-590-3749, or the Lung Transplant Program coordinator at 267-426-0664.

To help us schedule your evaluation as soon as possible, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

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