Cochlear Implant Program

PPCI Training Components

Program design

The Professional Preparation in Cochlear Implants (PPCI) Trainig Program has four major components that are supported by an exciting new web platform for ongoing professional networking:

During the period of prerequisite learning, a series of comprehensive, independent study modules will be completed between the time of acceptance into the program and arrival at the on-site location for direct learning. Participants are required to demonstrate mastery of module content and successfully complete all required elements of the advance learning activities before arriving for the on-site component of the program.

Twelve days of on-site learning will take place at one of four regional sites: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana or California. Discussions, guided observation and case study review will facilitate learning in the following areas:

The PPCI mentoring component will meet the individual participant's goals and expectations. Each professional will be matched with a discipline-specific mentor. Together the participant and mentor will develop unique projects intended to assist the participant in achieving professional growth and development. Projects will be completed within a specified timeframe once the participant returns to the workplace. Projects may include enhancement of (re)habilitation or teaching skills through real-time supervision or assisting local professionals in developing new knowledge and skills through the development of presentations, hosting a workshop or organizing a conference.

Once yearly, participants from all PPCI sites will attend an extended weekend session for a capstone experience. This final requirement will provide an opportunity to extend networking through reporting on individual projects and sharing results of the personal and professional strategic plans for change.

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