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Concussion Care for Kids: Minds Matter

Prompt recognition of a concussion and immediate treatment with cognitive and physical rest are crucial to promote recovery. That's why the concussion experts at CHOP have developed an evidence-based primary and specialty care approach to diagnose and treat concussions in children.

Concussions – What You Need to Know

This website offers information to help families, healthcare providers, school staff and coaches recognize concussions and support children's physician-guided recovery.



Find resources to help you manage your child’s concussion, including concussion prevention tips, recognizing symptoms and what to do if concussion symptoms linger.

kids at desks in school

School Staff

Get information about managing concussions in school, including how to adapt the classroom for students with concussions, and the effect of concussions on different age groups.



Video FAQs on Concussion

CHOP experts answer common questions about concussions.

Watch Video FAQs on Concussion»

Return to Learn and Play

Find questions and answers about returning to learn and play after a concussion, and steps to follow to ensure a full recovery:


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If you suspect a concussion

Contact your child’s primary care doctor for evaluation.

Find a CHOP Primary Care physician near you »

If symptoms persist, you can schedule an appointment with
a concussion specialist:

Sports Medicine and Performance Center

Pediatric Trauma Center