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Concussion Care for Kids: Minds Matter

Concussion Care at CHOP

CHOP's approach to treating concussions

Your child should see her primary care doctor if you think she has a concussion. The primary care doctor can discuss symptoms and help you create a plan. CHOP Primary Care physicians are located in more than 30 communities across Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and are especially equipped with training and diagnostic support tools for concussion. After seeing your primary care doctor, if you have further questions, please call CHOP's Trauma Center at 215-590-5932 or Center for Sports Medicine and Performance at 215-590-1527.

Initial treatment for a concussion is rest, both mental and physical. Rest allows the brain to heal. If your child has a concussion, she should not participate in activities that will exert her brain or body. Such activities may include:

It is important to allow for sufficient brain rest so that the brain is able to heal. Allow your child to sleep as much as she needs. Your child should stay home from school until her symptoms are significantly improved. Reintroduce mental activity slowly as your child feels better. Your pediatrician can help guide this gradual process.

With guidance from your doctor, your child can slowly return to mental and physical activity as she begins to feel better.

It is important to watch your child closely, pay attention to her specific symptoms, and contact your physician with any concerns.

Video FAQs about cognitive rest after a concussion


Emotional recovery from concussion

Full recovery goes beyond physical healing. Experts at CHOP have designed an evidenced-based website to help families with emotional recovery. Learn more about your child’s emotional recovery after an injury, and how you can help. 

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If you suspect a concussion

Contact your child’s primary care doctor for evaluation.

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If symptoms persist, you can schedule an appointment with
a concussion specialist:

Sports Medicine and Performance Center

Pediatric Trauma Center