Cystic Fibrosis Center

Transplant Programs

Liver transplantation

Collaborative practice with the CF team, the transplant teams at Children's Hospital and HUP and the Division of Gastroenterology at Children's Hospital provides comprehensive care and early evaluation of children and adolescents with chronic hepatic diseases who may be candidates for transplantation. The liver transplantation program provides the full spectrum of options in liver replacement including whole-organ cadaveric grafts, reduced-size cadaveric grafts, and living-related donor transplantation.

Lung transplantation

The Lung Transplant Program is unique in offering comprehensive services for children with end-stage CF. These services include nutritional, financial and psychiatric counseling, a support group for patients and family members in both the pre- and post-transplant phase, use of noninvasive mechanical ventilatory support techniques to stabilize patients prior to transplantation, and a pulmonary conditioning program.

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