Diabetes Center for Children

Appointments, Labs and Prescription Refills


To request an appointment, please call us at 215-590-3174. You can also e-mail us at endoappts@email.chop.edu.

Do I need to bring a referral to my appointment?

Yes, if your insurance plan requires referrals or prior authorization. You must obtain referrals before you arrive at the visit. If you do not have the appropriate referrals, you will have to agree to pay in full for the visit.

Can I request an appointment online?

Yes, click on Request an Appointment or send us a request via e-mail at endoappts@email.chop.edu.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Please call 215-590-3174 to cancel and reschedule another future appointment. Please give us at least 24 hours notice so we can give the appointment to another patient.

What equipment and supplies do I need to bring to my child's appointment?

How can I make an appointment with a dietitian?

You can make an appointment with the dietitian by calling the main DCC phone number, 215-590-3174. Ask for an appointment with a dietitian. If your insurance requires referrals, you must obtain a referral for "medical nutrition therapy." You will be charged a co-pay for medical nutrition therapy when you see a dietitian.

How do I make an appointment with a certified diabetes educator?

You can make an appointment with a certified diabetes educator by calling 267-426-0271or emailing diabeteseducation@email.chop.edu. You will be asked which education session you would like to attend. This information is provided by your nurse practitioner.

How do I leave a message for my child's nurse practitioner?

Please call us at 215-590-3174, option # 6, then prompt #1 for Diabetes patients.


Can I have my child's HbA1C and other blood work done at the appointment?

If your insurance allows CHOP to perform blood work, we can do this at the time of the visit. You should request a referral for lab work when you are obtaining you referrals for your appointment.

Can I have my child's labs drawn at a CHOP satellite location?

Yes. Please call ahead to confirm the lab's hours of operation as times may vary. You may also need to make an appointment with the lab.

Prescription refills

How do I request a prescription refill?

Please remember to ask for prescriptions at each appointment. You can also request refills by calling 215-590-3174, option # 5, or emailing us at endorx@email.chop.edu. Please remember that prior authorizations may take 4-7 business days.

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Insurance and Billing Questions

If you have insurance and billing questions prior to your outpatient visit, call our Pre-Visit Financial Counseling Hotline.