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Low Blood Sugar Supplies

The following is a list of the different products that can be used to treat a low blood sugar and the amount of carbs they contain. Always follow your doctor’s advice regarding which product to use for your child and the amount your child needs to treat a low blood sugar.

Glucose tablets

Product Manufacturer Carbs
Dex 4 Glucose Tablets Can-Am Care 4 grams per tablet
Fifty50 Glucose Tablets Fifty50 Medical 4 grams per tablet
Glucolift All Natural Glucose Tablets Jungell 4 grams per tablet
Dex4 Glucose Bits Can-Am Care 1 gram per bit

Glucose liquids/gels/powders

Product Manufacturer Carbs
Dex4 Liquid Blast Can-Am Care 15 grams per dose
Insta-Glucose Medicool, Inc. 24 grams per dose
Dex4 Glucose Gel Can-Am Care 15 grams per tube
Glucoburst Glucose Gel PBM Products 15 grams per packet
Glutose 15 Paddock Laboratories 15 grams per tube
Glutose 45 Paddock Laboratories 45 grams per tube
Insta-Glucose Valeant Pharmaceuticals International 24 grams per tube
Cake frosting (small tube) Several vendors 3-4 grams per tube
Level Life Level Foods 15 grams per pouch
Quick Sticks Q.S. Holdings 10 grams per 1 stick


Product Manufacturer Carbs
Lifesavers NabiscoFoods 2 grams per candy
Smarties Ce De Candy, Inc. 5 grams per dose
Spree Sunline Brands (1 roll) 13 grams per dose (8 pieces)
SweeTarts (bag) Sunline Brands 11 grams per dose (2 rolls of 12 candies each)
SweeTarts (large roll) Sunline Brands 12 grams per dose (8 pieces)

Additional products

The Quick-Fix Keychain holds four glucose tablets and attaches to your keychain.

This information should not be considered medical advice, nor is it intended to replace consultation with a qualified physician or other qualified healthcare provider. The Diabetes Center for Children does not evaluate, endorse or recommend any particular product or manufacturer. If you have questions about your health, please contact your healthcare provider.


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