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Taking Care of Your Child Emotionally in Dealing With Diabetes

Diabetes can take an emotional toll on your child (and you!). Here are a few ideas on how to you can support your child/teen. You may find that this will reduce your own stress in the day-to-day care.


Stay cool about blood sugars

Know what to expect from your child and teen

Make sure your child’s diabetes insulin regimen fits their lifestyle

Stay positive

How do you know if your child needs help?

Your child may have a hard time with diabetes. She may become sad or angry. While it is okay to feel this way some of the time, it is not ok to feel this way all the time. Call your nurse practitioner or social worker if you notice your child is:

Where can I go for help if my child has emotional problems because of diabetes?

Contact us

For more information or questions about emotional support, please call 267-426-0271 or email us at diabeteseducation@email.chop.edu.

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