Diabetes Center for Children

Family Education and Support

Diabetes self-management classes

While the Diabetes Center team at CHOP knows a lot about your child’s condition, you are the experts on your child and family life. Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) empowers families to make day-to-day decisions about their child’s care. Learn more about DSME classes offered at CHOP»

Diabetes technology classes

Interested in insulin pump therapy or continuous glucose monitoring systems? Our Center is staffed with certified diabetes educators (CDEs) who can talk with you about what these products offer and how to incorporate technology into your daily life. Learn more about the diabetes technology classes offered at CHOP»

Online diabetes education

The Diabetes Center at CHOP now offers online education tools for parents and adolescents. Online diabetes education materials are designed to supplement diabetes self-management education classes and the training you have received at clinic appointments and in the Hospital. Learn more about our online diabetes education»

Diabetes Center programs

Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes Program. Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes (CFRD) is a type of diabetes that occurs in people who have cystic fibrosis. The Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes Program provides care to patients and families with CFRD in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

Newly Diagnosed and Inpatient Diabetes Program. The Diabetes Center team is here to provide support and encouragement as you are faced with the challenge of learning to take care of your newly diagnosed child. Learn more about our Newly Diagnosed and Inpatient Diabetes Program and the services we offer.

Nutrition Program. Children with diabetes can and should eat a variety of foods to promote growth and health. Find out how our dietitians can help your child with meal planning and learn about the resources we offer through our Nutrition Program.

Transitioning to adult care

CHOP runs several programs to support transitioning patients to adult care. We also offer information about care binders for patients and their families and downloadable educational materials about transitioning to adult care. Learn more»

Diabetes support groups

The Diabetes Center at CHOP offers two diabetes support groups – Diabetes Parent Support Network and Sibshops at CHOP – to help patients, siblings and parents meet other families dealing with a similar diagnosis. Learn more about our diabetes support groups»

Diabetes camp

Diabetes camps offer a way to meet and live with other kids with diabetes. Kids and teens participate in exciting outdoor activities in a safe camp environment. If your kids love outdoor activities, a diabetes camp may be a great thing for them. Learn more about diabetes camps»

Community service projects

Are you looking for a community service project? We have an idea. All children/teens with diabetes should wear medical alert bracelets or necklaces. However, some families cannot afford them. Holding a car wash, lemonade stand or yard sale are great ways to raise funds for medical alerts, while educating others about diabetes.

For fundraising and community partnership information, please visit giftofchildhood.org or contact Matt DiBattista at 267-426-65002.

Tips for families

Emotional support

Your child’s emotional health is as important as their physical health. Diabetes affects every aspect of life and never takes a vacation. It is much more than just counting carbs and taking insulin. The day-to-day care can be stressful for everyone. It takes a lot of work to support your child, not only in making sure he follows his diabetes plan, but also supporting him emotionally.

Learn more about how to support your child emotionally in dealing with diabetes.

Diabetes care in school

When your child is in school, you want to be sure that his diabetes is being cared for. Your child will feel and learn better when his diabetes is under control. It is important to set up a diabetes care plan at school and to stay in touch with the school nurse or staff helping your child with his diabetes. This will help you, your child and the school staff feel more comfortable in managing your child’s diabetes.

Get for more information.

Managing insurance issues

You want the best care possible for your child. Diabetes is an expensive illness to manage. Appointments and prescriptions can be a drain on any family’s finances. It is important that you understand the benefits offered through your insurance. It is helpful to know what questions to ask when something is not covered.

Read frequently asked questions and tips for contacting your insurance company.

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Family Education and Support Contact

Raising Funds to Support the Diabetes Center

Through Aidan’s Angel, Aidan and his family helped raise funds to support the Diabetes Center at CHOP. Learn more»

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