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Managing Insurance Issues

Frequently asked questions

My son cannot get an A1C done at CHOP. How do I get the A1C done so we have the results for our diabetes visit?

I went to pick up blood sugar test strips at the pharmacy. My pharmacist said that my insurance company would not cover them. I had to pay full price. What should I do?

My daughter’s insulin pens are no longer covered? What should I do?

My insurance company will only pay for 100 test strips a month — even when I have a prescription for my child to test 10 times a day. What should I do?

My child needs a bottle of insulin at school. Insurance won’t pay for it. They say one bottle of insulin is enough. What should I do?

I just lost my job. I cannot afford the COBRA payments to keep my child with diabetes insured. What should I do?

Since I was laid off over a year ago, my family has been uninsured. I recently started a new job. For health benefits, I was told my son’s diabetes medical needs would not be covered. Can the insurance company do this?

What if I switch jobs? Will my child’s diabetes be considered a “pre-existing condition” again?

My insurance claim (for coverage for a pump, insulin pens, extra strips, extra insulin etc.) has been denied despite the diabetes team’s intervention. What can I do?

Tips for contacting your insurance company

Contact us

For more information or questions about managing insurance issues, please call 267-426-0271 or email us at diabeteseducation@email.chop.edu.

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