Diabetes Center for Children

Newly Diagnosed and Inpatient Diabetes Program

Children who require inpatient care (hospital stay) for diabetes will be cared for by a team specially trained to support children with diabetes and their families.

For three days, the Diabetes Center team will provide you with the information and skills you need to safely care for your child at home and to be able to do all of the things you used to do before your child was diagnosed. Your child will be able to play sports, go trick-or-treating and attend birthday parties, just like any other child.

Check out this video to see how our patients with type 1 diabetes are living active, fuller lives.

The diabetes team is here to provide support and encouragement as you are faced with the challenge of learning to take care of your child. We will be there to support you until you have confidence in yourself.


The following are resources for patients newly diagnosed with diabetes or those requiring inpatient care:

Nutrition management

Basic medic alert bracelets

Family support

Fun, friendly education for kids

Apps for your phones

Blood sugar logs for your computer


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