Emergency Department

Clinical Research Training Program

Enabling Medical Research Growth in Emergency Medicine (EMERGE)

Training program overview

This National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute-funded Research Career Development Program is one of six institutional research career development (K12) awards to promote multidisciplinary clinical research training programs in emergency care. The training program is managed jointly by:

This is a two- to three-year training program designed for clinicians already trained in treating emergency medical conditions who seek careers as academic investigators focusing on the conduct of clinical research in acute life threatening cardiovascular, pulmonary, hematological, and/or traumatic emergencies. The program consists of didactic courses, tutorials, and experiences designed to provide Emergency Care Scholars with the skills needed to design and conduct clinical research in emergency care.

Training program aims

EMERGE provides a highly focused formalized training experience in emergency care science for Emergency Care Scholars. The specific aims are to:

The training program objectives are to generate:


Candidates must be:

Those interested in applying for this clinical research and career development training program should request an application by phone or electronic mail to: Mary DeFalco, Division of Emergency Medicine, 215-590-7054, defalcom@email.chop.edu.

More information

Please visit Penn Medicine for additional information about EMERGE.

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