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Anorectal Manometry

If your child is experiencing GI motility issues, an anorectal manometry may be prescribed. An anorectal manometry is a test to determine the strength of the muscles in the rectum and anus. These muscles normally tighten to hold in a bowel movement and relax when a bowel movement is passed. Anorectal manometry is helpful in evaluating constipation and other anal and rectal issues.

This technique uses a balloon inserted into your child’s rectum to measure how well your child’s anus and rectum contract to release or hold bowels. It measures the presence or absence of the rectosphincteric reflex. This test is administered by our specially trained team of physicians and nurses at the Lustgarten Center for GI Motility.

See about your child’s visit to help prepare your child for an anorectal manometry.

This test is only available at CHOP’s Main Campus.

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Reviewed by:
Petar Mamula, MD
Date: May 2014


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