Kohl’s GI Nutrition and Diagnostic Center

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy is medication administered through an intravenous catheter. It is often used when a child’s condition cannot be treated effectively by oral medications. Diseases that commonly require infusion therapy include inflammatory bowel disease and anemia.

Your child may require one of the infusion therapies we offer at the Endoscopy Suite:

Each type of infusion is administered over a different amount of time. On average you can expect to be with your child in Kohl's GI Nutrition and Diagnostic Center for at least two hours and sometimes as long as four hours when coming in for infusion therapies.

See about your child’s visit to help prepare your child for infusion therapy.

This test is only available at CHOP’s Main Campus.

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Reviewed by:
Petar Mamula, MD
Date: May 2014 

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