Family-Centered Care

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About Family-Centered Care

Srishti and FamilyThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia views family members as partners in the care of their children. Our mission cannot be achieved without the voices and needs of families being heard.

Patient- and family-centered care is involving a family in making decisions regarding their child's care and so much more.

In this section, learn about the principles of patient- and family-centered care, the power of learning through family stories, and the history of family-centered care at CHOP.

Principles of patient- and family-centered care

These are the core values of patient- and family-centered care, and what you can expect from us.

Dignity and respect

We listen to and honor patient and family perspectives and choices. We incorporate patient and family knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural background into care planning and delivery.

Information sharing

We communicate and share complete and unbiased information with patients and families in affirming and  useful ways. Patients and families receive timely and accurate information so they may effectively participate in care and decision-making.


We encourage patients and families to participate in care and decision-making at thelevel they choose.


We invite patients and family members to work with our care providers and Hospital leaders on policy and program development, execution and evaluation; in healthcare facility design; and in professional education and care delivery. Your voice matters to us!


The care we provide is equitable and flexible, and is delivered as efficiently and timely as possible.

Care Coordination

We focus on the coordination of patient care and patient/family needs. Our healthcare teams are trained, and our systems are designed, to support transition, integration and continuity of care. Emphasis is placed on continuous healing relationships.

Download The Promise of Partnership, a one-page summary of the core principles of family-centered care and the family-centered programs offered at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Our stories

Our personal stories, whether staff or family, hold powerful teaching moments.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has a rich tradition of learning about patient- and family-centered care through stories. Follow the links below to see real-life examples of family-centered care in action. Each story honors the great power associated with using stories as a teaching tool, and exemplifies how family stories impact the experience of care for all patients.

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